Draft National Education Policy moots all-India entrance tests for UG courses in public colleges

  1. The Draft national Education Policy, 2019 has recommended that there should be common (all-India) entrance examinations for admissions to undergraduate courses in all government-funded universities and colleges, w.e.f. 2020. Further, private universities should also be encouraged to make use of the common admission tests.
  2. It has suggested that the National Testing Agency (NTA) should conduct common entrance tests multiple times each year for admissions and fellowships in higher educational institutions.
  3. Tests should be conducted in various aptitude based subjects like logic, quantitative reasoning, and languages, to more specialised subject examinations in the sciences, arts, and vocational subjects. The preferred modality will be computer-based testing.
  4. The draft policy has advocated that such a system would reduce burden on students by eliminating the stress of overemphasis on 12th board grades and that of appearing in multiple university examinations.
  5. Further, it would eliminate the need of the universities to devise their own examinations. University will be able to assess each student’s individual subject portfolio, and admit students into their programmes based on individual interests and talents.
  6. Established in 2018, the National Testing Agency (NTA) is an autonomous, specialist and self-sustained testing organization. It has been established to conduct entrance examinations for admission/fellowship in higher educational institutions.

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