E-market platform launched to bridge gap between Indian farmers and UAE food industry


  • AGRIOTA: It is an E-market agricultural commodity trading platform launched by the UAE Government to bridge the gap between Indian rural farmers and the UAE Food Industry.
  • The platform will allow farmers to connect with the UAE food industry directly bypassing intermediaries.It also optimizes the supply chain and ensures traceability creating value for all stakeholders.

Additional Facts:

  • Global Food Security Index: It measures food security across most of the countries of the world.It was first published in 2012 and is managed and updated annually by The Economist’s intelligence unit.In 2019, Singapore topped the index and India was ranked 72nd out of 113 countries.
  • Global food policy report: It has been released by the International Food Policy Research Institute(IFPRI).The theme of the 2019 report is rural revitalisation.The report highlights the urgency of rural revitalization to address a growing crisis in rural areas.