EC announces new rules for postal ballot

News: Election Commission has released new guidelines regarding postal ballot in the elections.


  • Aim:The rules aim to make the procedure to opt for postal ballot more convenient for those above 80 years of age and people with disabilities.
  • What does the new rules provide: It says that the form required to opt for the postal ballot would be delivered at the residence of all those above 80 years of age and people with disabilities by the booth level officer under his polling station.It would be up to these two category of voters to opt for postal ballot.

Additional Facts:

  • Postal Ballot: It is a type of voting in elections whereby Electronically Transmitted Postal Ballot Papers(ETPB) are distributed to electors and returned by post.
  • Section 60 of the Representation of the People Act,1951 provides for the person to be given postal ballot facility by the Election commission in consultation with the government.