ECI Flagship IT Program – Electronically Transmitted Postal Ballot System (ETPBS) – a success story

  1. The Electronically Transmitted Postal Ballot System (ETPBS) has recorded a 60.14% voting in the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections.
  2. ETPBS was developed by the Election Commission of India with the help of C-DAC for the use of service voters.It is fully secured system.
  3. This system enables the entitled service voter to cast their vote using an electronically received postal ballot from anywhere outside their constituency.
  4. Service voters are those who have service qualification.These include (a)member of the Armed Forces of the Union of India (b)members of Armed Police forces of the States serving outside that state (c)a person employed under the Government of India,serving outside India and (d) member of a force to which provision of the Army Act 1950 have been made applicable.
  5. A Service Voter can cast his/her vote by proxy also.They may appoint (By applying to returning officer in Form 13 F available at the website of ECI) any person as his/her proxy to cast vote on his/her behalf in his/her at the polling station.However,proxy should be a registered voter of that constituency.