Economic Survey:Thalinomics

News:The Economic Survey 2019-20 has included a chapter ‘Thalinomics:The economics of a plate of food in India’.


About Thalinomics:

  • The Thalinomics is an attempt to quantify what a common person pays for a ‘thali’(plate of food) in India.It assess whether a ‘thali’ has become more or less affordable over the last few years.
  • As per the survey, a vegetarian thali comprises a serving of cereals, ‘sabzi and dal’ and the non-vegetarian thali comprises of cereals, sabzi and a non-vegetarian component.

What did the survey found out?

  • The survey has found that Veg ‘thali’ affordability has improved by 29% and non-veg Thali affordability by 18% during 2006-07 to 2019-20.
  • This means that an average household of five individuals that eats two vegetarian thalis a day gained around Rs 10,887 on average per year while a non-vegetarian household gained Rs 11,787 on average per year.
  • It has also claimed that 2015-16 could be considered as a year when there was a shift in dynamics of thali prices as many reform measures were introduced to enhance agricultural sector.