Election Commission extends postal ballot facility for those in quarantine & above the age of 65

News: Ministry of law and justice has amended the rules to allow those over the age of 65 and Covid positive patients under home quarantine or hospitalized to use the postal ballot to exercise their right to vote.


  • Postal Ballot: It is a type of voting in elections whereby Electronically Transmitted Postal Ballot Papers(ETPB) are distributed to electors and returned by post.
  • Section 60 of the Representation of the People Act,1951 provides for the person to be given postal ballot facility by the Election commission in consultation with the government.

Additional Facts:

  • Representation of the People Act,1951: It is an act of Parliament of India.The act deals with the:
    • conduct of elections of the Houses of Parliament and the House of the Legislature of each State 
    • qualifications and disqualifications for membership of those Houses and 
    • corrupt practices,decisions,doubts and disputes arising in connection with such elections.