Election Commission takes steps so that the disabled can ride to vote

  1. The Election Commission has taken steps to help differently-abled voters reach polling booths. The EC has decided to provide pick-up and drop facility to disabled voters in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.
  2. The commission has developed a mobile application named as PWD, using which the voters who have enrolled themselves as persons with disabilities (PwD) can inform the ECI in availing the pick-up and drop service. The entire cost of pick-up and drop would be borne by the EC.
  3. Under the Election Commission’s Strategic Plan 2016-2025, greater participation of PwDs in the electoral process has been identified as one of the core objectives. The EC had also declared “Accessible Elections” as the theme for 2018’s National Voters Day observed on January 25.
  4. The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 also talks about accessibility in voting. It states that that the Election Commission of India and the State Election Commissions shall ensure that all polling stations are accessible to persons with disabilities and all materials related to the electoral process are easily understandable by and accessible to them.