EU, India to jointly invest Rs 323 crore on 7 water projects

  1. European Union,through its research and innovation programme ‘Horizon 2020’and Indian Government has decided to jointly invest on seven research and innovation projects
  2. The key focus areas of these projects include a)improving the quality of drinking water,b) waste c) water management,d) real-time monitoring and control systems and (e) Ganga rejuvenation.
  3. The projects seeks to develop innovative and affordable solutions for Indian conditions,both in urban and rural areas. It also includes transfer of European technologies to India.
  4. The seven selected projects are(a) India-H20(bio-mimetic and phyto-technologies designed for low-cost purification and recycling of water) (b) LOTUS(low-cost innovative technology for water quality monitoring and water resources management) (c)PANI WATER(Photo-irradiation and adsorption based novel innovations for water-treatment)(d)PAVITR(potential advance technologies for water and waste water treatment, and safe water reuse in India) (e) PAVITRA GANGA(unlocking waste water treatment, water re-use and resource recovery) (f)SAEASWATI 2.0 (Identifying best available technologies for decentralized wastewater treatment) and (g)SPRING (Strategic planning for water resources and implementation of novel bio-technical treatment solutions and good practices).