Explained: Baloch Liberation Army, the group behind Karachi Stock Exchange attack

News: Pakistan’s Baloch Liberation Army(BLA) has claimed responsibility for the Karachi Stock Exchange attack.


  • Baloch Liberation Army(BLA): It is an armed separatist group based mainly in the province of Balochistan and the bordering areas of Afghanistan.
  • Aim: To seek independence from Pakistan and form a separate state of Greater Balochistan because Pakistan has been exploiting resources in Balochistan without sharing any of the proceeds with the local tribes.
  • In 2019, the United States had designated the Balochistan Liberation Army(BLA) as a terrorist organisation.

Additional Facts:

  • Balochistan: It is the largest but least developed mineral rich province situated on the western side of Pakistan.It is bordered by Iran (west), by Afghanistan (northwest) and by the Arabian Sea (south).