Explained: Solanum plastisexum; Australia’s new sex-changing tomato

  1. Scientists have finally given a unique bush tomato species a name which is native to the Australia.They named the plant Solanum plastisexum.
  2. The species name ‘Solanum Plastisexum’ comes from the Greek root meaning ‘moldable’ or ‘changeble’ combined with the Latin word for sex.
  3. The bush tomato species was first discovered by botanists in the 1970s.For decades,the plant remained unnamed and no scientists could understand the functionality of the plant.The sex of its flowers kept changing every time it was studied.
  4. Further,the new species provides a compelling example of the fact that sexuality among Earth’s living creatures is far more diverse and interesting than what is expected.
  5. Living organisms including plants and animals often exhibit diverse sexual forms such as an all-female lizard species whose eggs have all the genetic material needed to reproduce and clown fish which are born male and can transform into females later in life.
  6. Plants are especially fluid and might have flowers with only male or only female parts or both or reproductive systems that function differently from the way they appear.

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