Explained: What are Autonomous Vehicles which Singapore is testing

  1. Recently,Singapore has launched autonomous public bus service in three districts of the country where driverless buses will be used for off-peak and on-demand commuting by 2022.
  2. Autonomous vehicles are driver less vehicles.The vehicle can sense its surrounding environment and can navigate without human input.
  3. These vehicles combines multiple sensors and techniques to perceive their surroundings like radar, laser light, GPS among others.
  4. The advanced control systems interpret the sensory information for identifying the obstacles, relevant signage and navigation paths.
  5. Further, the “Autonomous Vehicles Readiness Index” prepared by KPMG has ranked 25 countries based on their preparedness for autonomous vehicles.
  6. The report assesses countries based on 25 variables.The four pillars are (a)policy and legislation (b)consumer acceptance (c)infrastructure and (d)technology and innovation.The 25 variables have been distributed among these pillars and have scores based on publicly available information, existing research, press releases and other such material.
  7. In this report,the Netherlands stood at the first position for 2018 and 2019.Singapore has been consistently ranked second for two years. India is ranked 24 in this list for 2019 while it was ranked 20 in 2018 out of the 20 countries assessed.