Explained: What is UP’s new Special Security Force?

News: Uttar Pradesh(UP) has announced the formation of the Uttar Pradesh Special Security Force(UPSSF).


  • Uttar Pradesh Special Security Force(UPSSF): It is envisaged as having high-level professional skills which would reduce the burden on the Provincial Armed Constabulary(PAC) which will now focus on law and order.
  • Purpose: It will be tasked to protect courts, airports, administrative buildings, metros, banks, among other government offices.
  • Composition: It will be led by an Additional Director General-level officer followed by an Inspector General, Deputy Inspector General, Commandant and Deputy Commandant.
  • Powers:
    • Any member of the force may without any order from a Magistrate and without a warrant arrest any person who voluntarily causes hurt or a person against whom there is a reasonable suspicion or any person who attempts to commit a cognizable offence.
    • The force will also have the right to remove trespassers on the premises under its protection.
    • No suit or prosecution shall lie against any officer or member of the force or against any person acting under the order or the direction of any officer or member of the force for anything which is done or intended to be done in good faith.