Explained: What purpose would simultaneous polls serve?

  1. Prime Minister has renewed the idea of One Country, One Election.He has announced that a committee will be formed to examine the issue,
  2. One Country,One Election is the method of holding single elections for both Lok Sabha and States instead of separate and continuous elections.
  3. One Country,One election is needed as (a)massive expenditure that is currently incurred for the conduct of separate elections (b)the policy paralysis that results from the imposition of the Model Code of Conduct during election time (b)Impact on delivery of essential services (c)Burden on crucial manpower that is deployed during election time (d)Frequent elections affect policy making and governance.
  4. However,holding simultaneous elections will bring with it certain requirements such as (a)Curtailment and extension of terms of the House of the People/State Legislative Assemblies (b)Amendment to the relevant provisions of the Constitution.
  5. There are various other challenges in its implementation such as (a) Operational feasibility (b)Impact to voter behavior (c)Weaken the federal democratic structure (d)Reduced Accountability(e)Premature Dissolution and (f)Lack of Resources.
  6. Further,Simultaneous elections are not new to India.They were the norm until 1967.But following dissolution of some Legislative Assemblies in 1968 and 1969 and that of the Lok Sabha in December 1970,elections to State Assemblies and Parliament have been held separately.
  7. Law Commission of India had suggested that elections of legislative assemblies whose term ends six months after the general elections to Lok Sabha can be clubbed together.However,the results of such elections can be declared at the end of the assembly’s tenure.
  8. The Standing Committee had also recommended that elections could be held in two phases.It stated that elections to some Legislative assemblies could be held during the midterm of Lok Sabha.Elections to the remaining legislative assemblies could be held with the end of Lok Sabha‟s term.The Bye-elections to all seats that become vacant during a year may be conducted together during a predetermined time period.

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