Finally,IISc team confirms breakthrough in superconductivity at room temperature

  1. Recently,researchers from the IISc,Bengaluru has achieved breakthrough in ambient superconductivity which normally requires extremely low temperatures and extremely high pressure.
  2. Superconductivity is the phenomenon in which a material offers zero or vanishingly low resistance to the passage of electrical current below a certain temperature called its critical temperature (Tc).
  3. Since the mid-20th century,scientists have been looking for a material whose critical temperature is near room temperature at near 0ยบ C but so far without success.
  4. Finding such a material would round off a historic quest drawing from multiple branches of the physical sciences,as well as making a dizzying array of futuristic technologies possible,including high-efficiency power transmission lines.
  5. To ascertain if a material has become a superconductor during tests, scientists check for some other properties. For example, the material would also become perfectly diamagnetic and display the Meissner effect.
  6. Meissner effect means expulsion of a magnetic field from a superconductor when it is cooled below its critical temperature.This property is also used for making high speed magnetically-levitated trains (MAGLEV).

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