Forces prepare to deal with cyber attacks in key infra

  1. The Indian armed forces has decided to conduct a major cyber exercise called Cyberex.It is the first such major joint exercise of the Army,Indian Air Force(IAF) and Indian Navy under the aegis of integrated defence staff with participation from several other organisations.
  2. The aim of the exercise is to assess the situation,seek responses, damage control and requisite actions required for a synergised response during cyber attacks.It will also include scenarios connected to cyber attacks on critical Indian infrastructure like strategic networks and power grids.
  3. Further,the other organisations involved in the exercise includes (a)National Security Council Secretariat(NSCS) (b)National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO) (c)Defence Research Development Organisation(DRDO) (d) Indian Computer Emergency Response Team(CERT-In) (e)National Informatics Centre(NIC) and (f)Computer Security resource centre.
  4. India with the help of Cyberex and other such endeavours wants to be prepared for challenges in the fifth dimension of warfare after the first four battlefields of land,air,sea and space.However,India has lagged far behind in developing cyber warfare capabilities despite having a robust civilian information technology sector.
  5. On the other hand,China has steadily upgraded its cyber weapons to degrade or destroy an adversary’s military assets and to keep strategic assets safe.
  6. Indian Government has also decided to establish a small tri-service Defence Cyber Agency(DCA) much like the ones for space and special operations under a two star general.The DCA led by a naval officer will undertake defensive cyber operations with the offensive ones being left to other agencies under the national security advisor.

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