G-20 summit: Corruption key focus area, India works hard to get strong para into Osaka declaration

  1. Indian Prime Minister is attending the 2019 G20 Summit held in Osaka, Japan. The summit is the 14th such gathering.The theme of the G20 summit 2019 is human-centred future society.
  2. After this summit,India will become part of the troika that includes the next set of G20 chairs – Saudi Arabia (2020), Italy (2021) and India (2022).
  3. India is looking at the issue of corruption and fugitive economic offenders to be the focus area of this edition’s summit.India is trying to include a strong paragraph on the issue of corruption in the Osaka declaration.
  4. India had proposed a nine-point agenda at the last G-20 summit in Buenos Aires,Argentina which included (a)strengthening international cooperation (b)arriving at a common understanding in terms of definitions (c)introducing a platform for sharing of best practices and (d)identifying legal mechanisms so that the issue can be tackled more meaningfully fulfilling domestic legislation.
  5. Further,the G20 summit is expected to establish principles for the worldwide governance of data.The negotiations have been led by Japan under their presidency under an initiative called the ‘Osaka Track’.
  6. The Osaka track principles will lay the foundation for multilateral and bilateral negotiations on data including data localisation, data sovereignty among others.
  7. The G20 will also launch discussions on the Methane Economy or Hydrogen Economy to identify ways of carbon capture and sequestration.
  8. G20 is an international forum of the governments and central bank governors from 20 major economies formed in 1999.The group accounts for 85% of world GDP and two-thirds of the population.They have no permanent staff of its own and its chairmanship rotates annually between nations divided into regional groupings.

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