1. Garia festival is an important festival for the Tripuri tribal community in the state of Tripura.This year’s Garia puja was held on 21 April,2019.
  2. The Garia Puja is usually held from the beginning of the last day of the month of Chaitra till the seventh day of the month of April(Vaishakha).
  3. The rituals which are held during this festival are the bamboo pole that symbolizes the Lord Garia is worshipped with flowers and garlands.
  4. Further,the main ingredients with which the Garia Puja is conducted are cotton thread,rice,richa,chicken,rice beer,wine,earthen pots,eggs and wine.The chicken is sacrificed before the deity and the blood of the chicken is strewn before the Lord to get his blessing.
  5. The puja is followed by traditional dance derived from the Garia dance or the dance of Shiva and other cultural activities.The Garia dance is very popular among the Tripuris and the Reangs community.