Government issues new Jammu and Kashmir domicile rule

News:The Ministry of Home Affairs has promulgated the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization (Adaptation of State Laws) Order, 2020 which defined the Domicile Criteria for UT of J&K.


Domicile:It is the status or attribution of being a lawful permanent resident in a particular jurisdiction.

Domicile Criteria:A person have to fulfill the following conditions to be deemed to be a domicile of the Union Territory(UT) of J&K:

  • The person has resided in J&K for 15 years or has studied in the state for seven years and appeared in either the Class 10 or the Class 12 examination in J&K (or)
  • The person is registered as a migrant by the Relief and Rehabilitation Commissioner (Migrants) in the UT of J&K (or)
  • They are children of Central Government Officials, Officials of PSUs and among others who have served in J&K for a total period of ten years (or)
  • The children of residents of J&K who reside outside the Union Territory in connection with employment or business but whose parents fulfil any of the above conditions will also be entitled to domicile status.

Benefits for Domicile:

  • No person shall be eligible for appointment to a post of Level-4 (non-gazetted posts) unless he is a domicile of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir.
  • However,the order has said that all Indian citizens including J&K domiciles would be eligible for remaining non-gazetted and gazetted posts.