Govt. announces Steel Scrap Recycling Policy

News: Ministry of Steel has issued the Steel Scrap Recycling Policy.


Steel Scrap Recycling Policy


  • To promote circular economy in the steel sector.
  • To promote a formal and scientific collection, dismantling and processing activities for end of life products that are sources of recyclable (ferrous, non- ferrous and other non-metallic) scraps.
  • Processing and recycling of products in an organized, safe and environment friendly manner.
  • To evolve a responsive ecosystem by involving all stakeholders.
  • To produce high quality ferrous scrap for quality steel production thus minimizing the dependency on imports.
  • To decongest the Indian cities from End of Life Vehicles (ELVs) and reuse of ferrous scrap
  • To create a mechanism for treating waste streams and residues produced from dismantling and shredding facilities in compliance to Hazardous & Other Wastes (Management & Trans boundary Movement) Rules, 2016
  • To promote 6Rs principles of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover, Redesign and Remanufacture


  • A hub and the spoke model has been promulgated to structure the informal ELV recycling sector and generate scrap:
  • An Inter-Ministerial Coordination Committee has been set up for policy changes required for creating an organized steel scrapping eco system and to monitor the operationalization and enforcement of relevant laws and regulations in this regard.

Additional Information

National Steel Policy 2017

Vision: To create a self-sufficient steel industry that is technologically advanced, globally competitive and promotes inclusive growth

 Objectives: The National Steel Policy aims at achieving the following objectives –

  • Build a globally competitive industry with a crude steel capacity of 300 MT by
  • 2030-31
  • Increase per Capita Steel Consumption to 160 Kgs by 2030-31
  • To domestically meet entire demand of high grade automotive steel, electrical
  • steel, special steels and alloys for strategic applications by 2030-31
  • Increase domestic availability of washed coking coal so as to reduce import
  • dependence on coking coal to 50% by 2030-31
  • To be net exporter of steel by 2025-26
  • Encourage industry to be a world leader on energy and raw material efficient steel production by 2030-31, in a safe and sustainable manner
  • Develop and implement quality standards for domestic steel products