Head on Generation (HOG) technology

News:The Railway Ministry has announced that it would be upgrading all existing Linke Hofmann Busch(LHB) coaches with the Head on Generation (HOG) technology.


About HOG technology:

  • In HOG Technology,the power will be drawn from the overhead electric supply.
  • The power supply from the overhead cable is 750 volts at single-phase, and a transformer with a winding of 945 kVA converts it to a 750 Volts 50 Hz output at 3-phase.This energy is then provided to the compartments. 

End on Generation technology(EOG):

  • Under the EOG system,the train’s ‘hotel load’ which is the load of air conditioning, lights, fans, and pantry is provided with electricity from two large diesel generator sets which supply 3-phase power at 750 Volts 50 Hz to the entire length of the train.

Benefits of HOG technology over EOG:

  • In the End on Generation technology(EOG),power generator cars used to make huge noise and emit fumes which will no longer be there.
  • In place of two such generator cars, HOG will have one standby silent generator car to be used for emergency. 
  • HOG technology has low Operating price per unit of electricity as compared to the EOG system.
  • HOG technology will have reduced number of generating equipment, low maintenance requirements, reduced dead weight as compared to EOG system.
  • Further,the HOG system will also generate less air pollution and Noise pollution when compared to EOG system.

Additional information:

About LHB Coaches:

  • Linke Hofmann Busch (LHB) coaches are the passenger coaches of Indian Railways that have been developed by Linke-Hofmann-Busch of Germany.
  • These coaches are produced in the Rail Coach Factory in Kapurthala, Punjab.