E-Beat Book System and E-Saathi app

News:Union Minister for Home Affairs has launched the E-Beat Book System and the ‘E-Saathi App’ for Chandigarh police.


About E-Beat book system:

  • The ‘E-Beat Book’ is a web and mobile based application which will ease the collection, updation and analysis of information related to crime and criminals in a real time. 
  • Chandigarh has been divided in 54 divisions.In each division,there is one ‘Atal Sehbhagita Kendra’s that is under the supervision of a Beat Officer, having an Android Phone to use the app. 
  • The E-Beat Book would be linked with Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems(CCTNS) which would help in a real time updation of crime/criminal data. 
  • The citizen can directly approach the ‘Atal Sehbhagita Kendra’ for redressal of their grievances and can render their suggestions too.

E-Saathi app:

  • The ‘E-Saathi’ App would help the general public to remain in touch with the police and also give suggestions to facilitate participatory community policing(‘Your Police at Your Doorstep’ initiative). 
  • The beat officer would be able to provide services like passport verification, tenant verification among others at a click of a button through the app without the people needing to visit the police station.

Additional information:

Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems(CCTNS):

  • CCTNS is a project initiated in June 2009.It comes under the Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • The project is aimed at creating a comprehensive and integrated system for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of policing at the Police Station level.
  • The project seeks to (a) deliver various web based police related services to citizens (b) facilitate a pan-India search of crime and criminal records of individuals through a national database (c) generate crime and criminal reports at the state and central level to inform policy interventions (d)computerised police processes and (e)establish a basic platform for an Inter-operable Criminal Justice System(ICJS).