IAF strike on Pakistan: What is a ‘non-military preemptive action’?

  1. India carried out “non-military preemptive” strikes on the Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed militant outfit.It was carried out after receiving credible intelligence that the terror outfit was attempting suicide attacks in various parts of the country.
  2. A non military preemptive strike means that a military target has not been hit by the Indian Air Force that carried out the strikes.
  3. Hitting a military target would be construed as an act of war.India, therefore, clarified that it was a non military strike. By calling it a preemptive action, it has taken the diplomatic pressure off itself that it acted to take revenge or for retribution. It has instead made it an act of self defence.
  4. International law gives countries the right of self-defence but there is less clarity about pre-emptive self-defence. Countries like the United States and Israel have invoked this right. This is the first time India has formally used the right of self defence doctrine.