Ayodhya title suit appeals: Supreme Court to pass order on March 5 on mediation

  1. The Supreme Court suggested mediation in the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid land dispute case.The dispute is over a plot of land in the city of Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh.The site is regarded among Hindus as the birthplace of Lord Rama also historically locates Babri Mosque.
  2. Mediation is one of the form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).Alternative dispute resolution includes dispute resolution process and techniques that act as a means for disagreeing parties to come to an agreement short of litigation. It is a collective term for the ways that parties can settle disputes, with the help of a third party.
  3. Various Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms can be classified as: (a) Arbitration (b) Conciliation (c)Mediation and (d) Lok Adalats.
  4. Arbitration is a procedure in which the dispute is submitted to an arbitral tribunal which makes a decision on the dispute that is binding on the parties.
    Conciliation is an unstructured method of dispute resolution in which neutral person meets with the parties to a dispute and makes an attempt to resolve issue.
  5. Mediation is a process in which the mediator, an external person, neutral to the dispute, works with the parties to find a solution which is acceptable to all of them.
  6. Lok Adalats are being regularly organized primarily by the State Legal Aid and the Advice Boards with the help of District Legal Aid and Advice Committees for faster disposal of litigations.