I&B advisory to TV channels; asked to comply with respective undertakings of carrying news or non-news content

  1. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has issued an advisory regarding carrying of news and current affairs content on TV channels.
  2. The advisory states that in accordance with the Policy Guidelines for Uplinking of Television Channels From India,2011,I&B Ministry will give permission for uplinking of TV channels under two categories:
  3. Non-News & Current Affairs Channel: A Non-News & Current Affairs TV channel means a channel which does not have any element of news and current affairs in its programme content.
  4. News & Current Affairs Channel: A News & Current Affairs TV channel means a channel which has any element of news and current affairs in its programme content.
  5. Further,the advisory says that news channels are mandated to carry news and current affairs content while Non-News and Current Affairs channels are not mandated to carry any news and current affairs content.
  6. Besides,at the time of applying for a Non-News TV channel,the applicant company should give an undertaking that the proposed channel is purely an entertainment channel and does not have any news or current affairs based programme.
  7. The communication going from a satellite to ground is called downlink and when it is going from ground to a satellite it is called uplink.When an uplink is being received by the spacecraft at the same time a downlink is being received by Earth,the communication is called two-way.

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