IIT Hyderabad scientists convert fly ash into waterproofing material

  1. Researchers from the IIT Hyderabad have found a method that can convert fly ash into a waterproofing material.
  2. They have converted fly ash by treating it with stearic acid which is commonly used in soaps and shampoos.
  3. Stearic acid is a saturated fatty acid with an 18-carbon chain and has the IUPAC name octadecanoic acid.
  4. Fly ash is the end product of combustion during the process of power generation in the coal-based thermal power plants.
  5. Fly ash contains heavy metals such as large amount of PM 2.5 and black carbon.
  6. Fly ash is a major source of PM 2.5 (respirable pollution particles) in summer.It becomes airborne and gets transported to a radius of 10 to 20 kms.It can settle on water and other surfaces.Hence,proper disposal of fly ash is required at many places.
  7. Fly Ash can be used as a resource material for many applications of construction industries such as in manufacturing of Cement, bricks, road embankment among others.At present,63% of the fly ash is being utilised in India but the target is for 100% utilisation of the fly ash.