India-Africa joint field training exercise to kick off on March 18

  1. AFINDEX is a Joint Field Training Exercise between the Indian Army and 16 African nations.The 2019 edition will be conducted in Pune from March 18 to 27.
  2. It aims to train the participating contingents in Humanitarian Mine Assistance (HMA) and Peace Keeping Operations (PKO) under the United Nations Charter through practical,comprehensive discussions and tactical exercises.
  3. The joint exercise will also focus on achieving interoperability,learning each other’s methodologies and tactics through synchronised operational level planning and tactical level training.
  4. Humanitarian Mine Assistance (HMA) is a combination of humanitarian aid and development studies that aim to reduce the social,economic and environmental impact of landmines.The HMA will include (a)establishment and functioning of Mine Action Teams (MAC) (b)identification and survey of contaminated areas and (c)mechanical/manual demining techniques.
  5. The UN peacekeeping operations were established in 1948 as a means to maintain peace in conflict ridden areas.The United Nations Charter enables the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to make decisions on running peacekeeping efforts.