India and Japan sign Memorandum of Cooperation in field of cybersecurity

News: Union Cabinet has given its approval for signing a Memorandum of Cooperation(MoC) in the field of cybersecurity between India and Japan.


  • Aim: The Memorandum of Cooperation(MoC) will enhance cooperation in areas of mutual interest which in­clude: 
    • Capacity building in the area of cyberspace
    • Protection of critical infrastructure
    • Cooperation in emerging technologies
    • Sharing information on cyber security threats/incidents and malicious cyber activities.
    • Developing joint mechanisms for practical cooperation to mitigate cyber threats.

Additional Facts:

  • Reciprocal Provision of Supplies and Services agreement: It is a mutual logistics agreement signed between India and Japan.The agreement allows the militaries of the two countries to use each other’s bases and facilities for repair and replenishment of supplies.
  • Lunar Polar Exploration mission: It is a joint mission of ISRO and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency(JAXA) to be launched in 2023.It aims to send a lunar rover and lander to explore the south pole region of the Moon.