India and Saudi agree to set up comprehensive security dialogue

  1. In the backdrop of Saudi Arabia’s Crown prince visit to India,both countries have advanced the security relationship that was started in 2016 by instituting a comprehensive security dialogue to oversee common security issues.
  2. The dialogue will largely focus on (a) intelligence sharing (b) identifying threats (c)working on common solutions to security problems (d) cyber security and (e) maritime security.
  3. The two sides also agreed to establish a “Strategic partnership council” led by the Prime minister and the crown prince, supported by ministerial representation.It intends to deepen partnership in areas of political engagement, security, trade,investment, and culture.
  4. Saudi Arabia has identified India as one of the 8 strategic partners.The Riyadh Declaration of 2010 had forged a Strategic Partnership between India and Saudi Arabia.As part of this engagement,the Strategic Partnership Council was established.