India, Bangladesh to set up committee for optimum utilisation of water resources

  1. India and Bangladesh have agreed to set up a Joint Technical committee for optimum utilisation of Ganges water as being received by Bangladesh under the Ganga Water Sharing Treaty 1996.
  2. The two countries have also agreed to prepare a framework for interim water-sharing agreement for eight rivers including Feni, Gumti and Teesta. 
  3. The Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna mega-basin is the second largest hydraulic region in the world and one of the most densely populated regions.
  4. Within this basin,fifty-four rivers cross the border between upstream India and downstream Bangladesh.
  5. The Ganges water sharing Treaty between India and Bangladesh is an agreement signed in 1996 to share surface waters at the Farakka Barrage near their mutual border.