India draws new ‘red lines’ for talks on Afghan peace process

  1. India has shared a table with the Taliban for the first time in November, 2018.India has now spelt out its three new red lines on the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan.
  2. The first is that all initiatives and processes must include all sections of the Afghan society including the legitimately elected government.This is important as the Afghan government was often sidelined by international interlocutors when they engaged with the Taliban. 
  3. The second is that any process should respect the constitutional legacy and political mandate.This means that the achievement of establishing democratic processes and human rights including women’s rights should be respected.
  4. The third is that any process should not lead to any ungoverned spaces where terrorists and their proxies can relocate.This is crucial for India as it points out the threat from terrorist groups including the Haqqani network, Al Qaeda must not be allowed to operate from Afghanistan.
  5. Experts have said that these new red lines are seen to be more realistic and in sync with the current situation.India now needs to be more articulate about this and proactive diplomatically so that it can be part of the regional initiatives on Afghanistan.
  6. Earlier,India had said that it is for the elected government of Afghanistan to draw the red lines or lay down terms and conditions for negotiating with the Taliban.
  7. The Afghan government had stated that the Taliban must accept the Afghan Constitution,renounce violence and sever all ties with al Qaeda and other terrorist organisations.