India elected to Executive Board of first UN-Habitat Assembly

  1. India has been elected to the Executive Board of the first UN-Habitat Assembly.
  2. This had happened at the Plenary Session of the UN Habitat Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya.The special theme for the UN-Habitat Assembly is “Innovation for Better Quality of Life in Cities and Communities”.
  3. The United Nations Human Settlements Programme(UN-Habitat) is the United Nations agency for human settlements and sustainable urban development.It was established in 1978.
  4. UN-Habitat is headquartered at Nairobi,Kenya.The twin goals of the Habitat Agenda are (a)adequate shelter for all and (b)development of sustainable human settlements in an urbanizing world.
  5. UN Habitat reports directly to the UN General Assembly.It is also a member of the United Nations Development Group(UNDP).

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