India gets its first ever Brand & Logo for its Cotton on 2nd World Cotton Day

News: Union Minister of Textiles launched the 1st ever Brand & Logo for Indian Cotton on 2nd World Cotton Day.


  • Kasturi Cotton: India’s premium Cotton would be known as ‘Kasturi Cotton’ in the world cotton Trade.The Kasturi Cotton brand will represent Whiteness, Brightness, Softness, Purity, Luster, Uniqueness and Indianness.
  • Cott-Ally: It is a mobile app launched by Cotton Corporation of India (CCI) to provide latest news regarding weather conditions, Crop situation and best farm practices for cotton cultivation.
  • Cotton Cultivation in India: India is the 2nd largest cotton producer and the largest consumer of cotton in the world.India produces about 6 million tons of cotton every year which is about 23% of the world cotton.  India produces about 51% of the total organic cotton production of the world which demonstrates India’s effort towards sustainability.

Additional Facts:

  • World Cotton Day(WCD): It is observed globally on 7th October since 2019.The day aims to celebrate the advantages of cotton, ranging from its qualities as a natural fibre to the benefits people obtain from its production, transformation, trade and consumption.