India hoping for Iran deal, Russia’s inclusion in G7

  1. The Group of Seven(G7) summit is being held in Biarritz,France.The summit will discuss issues such as (a)global free trade (b) environment (c) climate change (d) digital economy among others.
  2. However,India would be interested in two other issues which are (a) Relations between Iran and US and (b) Inclusion of Russia in the G7 group.
  3. The relations between Iran and the US have deteriorated since US had withdrawn from a 2015 Iran nuclear deal to limit Iran’s nuclear activities.
  4. However,the other five nations including France has remained committed to the deal but Iran has started to increase its nuclear activity in response to the US reinstating and tightening economic sanctions.
  5. Hence,France has urged US President to offer some sort of relief to Iran such as lifting sanctions on oil sales to China and India or establishing a new credit line to enable exports.
  6. Further,US President is also expected to urge G7 leaders to readmit Russia to the G7 group.
  7. Earlier,Russia was also a part of the group.However,Russia was removed after it annexed Crimea from Ukraine, which was seen as a violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity