India issues démarche to U.S. on detained students, demands their release

  1. India have demanded consular access and urged the US to release Indian students detained in connection with their enrolment in a fraudulent university and not to deport them against their will.
  2. The fake university was set up by the ICE department as part of their sting operation to bring to light the “pay-and-stay” racket.
  3. The U.S. says that all participants in this scheme knew that the University had no instructors or classes.
  4. The Indian government said that the students could have been tricked into enrolling and should be treated differently to any recruiters who may have duped them.
  5. In the United States, foreign students are granted what are called “F” and “M” visas to study .F-1 visas for full-time students while M-1 visas for vocational or non-academic studies.
  6. The Immigration and customs enforcement(ICE) is a law enforcement agency of the federal government of the US tasked to enforce the immigration laws of the United States.