India ranks among lowest in terms of Internet quality

News: Digital Quality of Life(DQL) Index, 2020 has been released by SurfShark, an online privacy solutions provider.


  • About the Index: It is a global research on the quality of digital wellbeing in 85 countries (81% of the global population).
  • Parameters: The index ranks countries by looking at five fundamental pillars that define the digital quality of life:
    • Internet affordability(mobile and broadband)
    • Internet quality (mobile and broadband)
    • Electronic government availability and advancement
    • Electronic infrastructure development and 
    • State of electronic security.

Key Takeaways:

  • Top Rankings: Scandinavian countries Denmark and Sweden topped the index with Canada rounding up the top three.
  • Indian Rankings: India stands at the overall rank of 57 out of the 85 countries.
    • Internet Affordability: 9th place and outperforms countries like the UK, the USA and China.
    • Internet Quality: 78th place and is almost at the bottom of the pillar.
    • E-infrastructure: India ranked 79th behind neighbours Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal.
    • Electronic Security: India performed poorly here standing at 57th position.
    • E-government: 15th place ahead of the Netherlands, China and Belgium.