India rises in global innovation ranking

  1. The Global Innovation Index (GII) 2019 has been released. Switzerland has been ranked first in the index.
  2. India has improved its ranking by five places to 52nd in 2019 from 57th position in 2018. India has also outperformed on innovation relative to its GDP per capita for nine consecutive years.
  3. India has improved its ranking in four out of seven pillars of GII viz. knowledge and technology outputs, market sophistication, human capital and research and institutions.
  4. However, India has deteriorated in other three pillars viz. business sophistication, infrastructure and creative outputs.
  5. The global innovation index (GII) is an annual ranking that quantifies the state of national innovation ecosystem across countries. In 2019, it has ranked 129 countries based on 80 indicators.
  6. The GII is co-published by World intellectual property organisation (WIPO), Cornell University and INSEAD