India says Iran oil imports not stopped

  1. Indian Government has said that India’s bilateral relations with Iran stand on their own and are not influenced by India‚Äôs relations with any third country.
  2. This statement came after an MP had asked whether there is any pressure on the Indian Government from the United States on stopping oil imports from Iran.
  3. The government has said that it will deal with the issue of US sanctions to buy oil from Iran based on three factors which are (a)the country’s energy security (b)commercial consideration and (c)economic interests.
  4. However,during his bilateral meeting with US President on the sidelines of G-20 in Japan,Indian Prime Minister had said India had reduced the import of crude from Iran.
  5. On this,Indian officials have said that India has reduced imports but has not stopped oil imports completely.
  6. Further,Iranian envoy has also alluded to the possibility of using barter, rupee and European mechanisms for trade in oil with India and other countries to circumvent the US sanctions.