India successfully test-fires naval version of BrahMos missile

News: India has successfully tested a naval version of the BrahMos missile from the indigenously-built stealth destroyer, INS Chennai.



  • Brahmos Missile: It is a Supersonic Cruise missile that has been jointly developed by India and Russia.The missile has been named after the rivers Brahmaputra and Moskva.
  • Significance: The missile is capable of being launched from the submarines, ships, aircraft or from land platforms.


Additional Facts:

  • Cruise missile: It is an unmanned self-propelled (till the time of impact) guided vehicle that sustains flight through aerodynamic lift for most of its flight path.
  • Supersonic Cruise Missiles: It travels at a speed of around 2-3 Mach i.e., it travels a kilometre approximately in a second.