Indian army showcased firepower demonstrations at Exercise Topchi

News:Recently,the Indian army showcased its artillery firepower capability at Exercise Topchi at Deolali Camp near Nashik.


About Exercise Topchi:

  • Exercise Topchi which means a gunner in English is an annual exercise by the School of Artillery,Deolali.
  • The exercise aims to showcase the Indian Army’s artillery firepower, aviation and surveillance capabilities.
  • The army assets such as the indigenous Advanced Light Helicopters, Ultra Light Howitzer M777, self-propelled gun K Vajra gave a glimpse of the increasing lethality of the Indian army.

Additional information:

About School of Artillery:

  • The School of Artillery was established for the Indian Army at Kakul now in Pakistan in April 1918.It moved to Devlali in June 1941.
  • Since 1947,the School of Artillery has undergone many changes, in conformity with modernisation and expansion of the Indian Army and consequently of the Regiment of Artillery.