Indian scientists develop wonder material ‘black gold’

  1. Indian scientists from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research(TIFR) have developed a new material called “Black gold”.
  2. This material was developed using gold nanoparticles.This material can potentially be used for applications ranging from solar energy harvesting to desalinating seawater.
  3. The new material has unique properties such as capacity to absorb light and carbon dioxide(CO2).Gold does not have these properties.
  4. Black gold has the ability to absorb the entire visible and near-infrared region of solar light.It does so because of inter-particle plasmonic coupling as well as heterogeneity in nanoparticle size.
  5. Black gold could also act as a catalyst and could convert CO2 into methane at atmospheric pressure and temperature using solar energy.
  6. The material can also be used as a nano-heater to convert seawater into potable water with good efficiency.