Maritime Anti-Corruption Network starts port integrity campaign in India

  1. Maritime Anti-Corruption Network(MACN) has announced the launch of a Port Integrity Campaign in India.
  2. The campaign aims to reduce and in the long term eliminate integrity issues and bottlenecks to trade during operations in Indian ports.
  3. The campaign is a collective action of MACN, the Government of India, international organizations and local industry stakeholders.
  4. The pilot project of the campaign will take place in Mumbai ports and will run until October,2019.Following the pilot,MACN plans to expand the program to other Indian ports.
  5. The main activities of the campaign include implementation of integrity training for port officials and the establishment of clear escalation and reporting processes.
  6. MACN is a global business network of over 110 companies working to tackle corruption in the maritime industry.It was established in 2011 by a small group of committed maritime companies.