India’s fertilizer sector among most energy efficient in world: Report

  1. Centre for Science and Environment(CSE) has released a report titled – ‘Grain by Grain’.The report is the complete assessment of the environmental performance of fertilizer industry in India. 
  2. The project was undertaken by CSE along with its Green rating project(GRP).The Project had earlier rated the pulp and paper, automobile,chloro-alkali,cement,iron and steel and thermal power sectors.
  3. The report has found that the country’s fertilizer sector is among the best in the world in energy use and greenhouse gas(GHG) emissions.
  4. However,the fertiliser industries staggering records on water use,water pollution and plant safety is a cause of concern.
  5. The report has also found that the areas surrounding at least one-third of the fertiliser plants found to have very high levels of nitrogen in groundwater.
  6. This was mainly because as part of their mandate to recycle used-water, the plants were using it for watering horticulture and other crops in their premises.This has lead to nitrogen seeping into the water table.
  7. Further,another major concern was the age of the India’s fertiliser plants.The report has said that most plants need to upgrade their on-site and off-site disaster management plans and communicate them to the concerned authorities and the local community.