Initiatives launched by Ministry of Tribal Affairs


  • ALEKH: It is a e-newsletter that is to be released on quarterly basis.It will showcase the works of different stakeholders involved in improving health and nutrition of tribals.
  • Swasthya Portal: It aims to provide health and nutrition related information of the tribal population of India.
  • Piramal Swasthya: It will act as Centre of Excellence for Knowledge Management for Health and Nutrition.The centre will constantly engage with the Ministry of Tribal and provide valid information.This will help in policy making and decision processes.
  • GOAL (Going Online As Leaders): It is the joint initiative of Facebook and the Ministry of Tribal Affairs to empower tribal youth through mentorship, leadership training and digital literacy skills.
  • Empowering Tribals, Transforming India: It is an Online Performance Dashboard that provides updated & real-time details of the schemes as well as initiatives launched by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs).