Integrated National School Education Treasury (INSET)

  1. Union HRD Minister has announced the setting up of the Integrated National School Education Treasury(INSET).
  2. INSET is envisaged as a fully integrated, instantly accessible and seamless information network for all parameters relating to the students, teachers and schools in the country. 
  3. The aim is to create an easily accessible multi-layered ecosystem of information – school wise, block-wise, district-wise, constituency-wise, state-wise and region-wise. 
  4. The main focus of INSET will be on the following areas (a)Reinforcing and cleaning the data of the Integrated Online Junction through feedback from Stakeholders (b)Ensuring full interoperability among the websites, portals and applications which are already hosted in the junction (c)Creating high quality e-contents, including quizzes and puzzles to enhance learning and also for teachers in aiding classroom transactions and (d)Using artificial intelligence and deep machine learning in a variety of ways to enhance the quality of school education including for designing evidence based inventions.