International Astronomical Union names asteroid after Pandit Jasraj

News:The International Astronomical Union(IAU) has named an asteroid, discovered in 2006 after Indian classical singer Pandit Jasraj.


About Asteroid:

  • Asteroid are relatively small, inactive, rocky body orbiting the Sun.They can be as small as 1 kilometer(km) across or as large as 940 kilometers (about 583 miles) across. 
  • There are thousands of asteroids in our Solar System.Most of them can be found in an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

What are asteroids composed of?NASA has classified asteroids based on their composition.Here is the classification:

  • C-type (chondrite): such asteroids are made up of clay and silicate rocks
  • S-types (stony): these are composed of silicate materials and nickel-iron
  • M-types: such asteroids have a metallic composition.

Additional information:

About International Astronomical Union(IAU):

  • The International Astronomical Union (IAU) was founded in 1919. 
  • Its mission is to promote and safeguard the science of astronomy in all its aspects through international cooperation.
  • It serves as the internationally recognized authority for assigning designations to celestial bodies and surface features on them.

About Pandit Jasraj:

  • Pandit Jasraj (b. 1930) is an exponent of Indian classical vocal music.
  • Jasraj is the recipient of numerous awards,honours and titles including the prestigious Padma Vibhushan and the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award.