International Delegate’s Day

News:International Delegate’s Day is being observed for the first time on 25th  April,2020 by the United Nations.


  • Aim: To raise awareness of the role of the representatives and delegates of the Member States to the United Nations.
  • The day also marks the anniversary of the San Francisco Conference which is also known as the United Nations Conference on International Organization.

Additional Facts:

San Francisco Conference:

  • In 1945, delegates from fifty countries came together in San Francisco to set up an organization that would restore world peace and impose rules on the post-war world order.
  • This resulted in the creation of the United Nations Charter which was signed by representatives of the 50 countries that attended the conference.
  • Poland, which did not have a government at the time of the conference, signed the charter later, hence bringing up the number of the Founding Member States to 51.