International symposium on buckwheat

News:A four-day international symposium on buckwheat will be held in Shillong, Meghalaya from 3rd to 6th September 2019.


About the International symposium on buckwheat:

  • The international symposium on buckwheat is organised by North Eastern Hills University,Shillong.
  • The theme of the conference is “diversifying food systems for health and nutritional security”.
  • The Symposium will discuss issues related to intensifying the use of Buckwheat grains as a food crop so as to diversify the nutritional basket available to mankind.


  • Buckwheat is a relatively low input crop that has relatively high yields even in marginal soil.Since it adds nutrients to the soil,it makes a good cover crop or rotational crop.
  • Buckwheat suppresses weeds and attracts beneficial insects and pollinators with its abundant blossoms.It extracts soil phosphorus from soil better than most grain-type cover crops.
  • Buckwheat thrives in cool, moist conditions but it is not a frosted tolerant.The flour of buckwheat can be used either as food or as medicine.
  • As a medicine,buckwheat is used to (a)improve blood flow by strengthening veins and small blood vessels (b)to treat varicose veins and poor circulation in the legs and (c)to prevent hardening of the arteries.