Motihari-Amalekhgunj petroleum pipeline

News:Indian Prime Minister and Nepal Prime Minister will inaugurate the Motihari Amlekhgunj petroleum pipeline.


About the pipeline:

  • The Motihari-Amlekhgunj oil pipeline project was first proposed in 1996. However,the project finally started during Indian Prime Minister’s visit to Nepal in 2014.
  • The project is a 69-kilometre long petroleum pipeline which connects Motihari (Bihar) to Amelkhgunj (Nepal). 
  • The project has been constructed by India.This is the first transnational petroleum pipeline from India and and first South Asian oil pipeline corridor.
  • The pipeline will drastically reduce the cost of transporting fuel to landlocked Nepal from India.
  • The Amlekhgunj fuel depot will have the capacity to store up to 16,000 kilolitres of petroleum products.
  • The project will also ensure smooth,cost-effective and environmentally friendly supply of petroleum products to Nepal and will also help in tackling the oil storage problem in Nepal.