Iran to promote Chabahar as curbs will hit main port

  1. India and Iran will organise the “Chabahar Day” conference on February 26 as Iranian government is planning to promote the port highlighting the potential of the Chabahar port beyond India-Afghan trade alone.
  2. As part of it’s measures to boost infrastructure at Chabahar port, Iran is looking at the construction of a nearly 200-km gas pipeline from Iranshahr to Chabahar and a railway link of about 500 km from Chabahar to Zahedan, which is close to the Afghan border.
  3. India needs to walk a tight rope with Iran as (a) United states have waived off sanctions only to boost Afghanistan’s economy and (b) US-Iran tensions may impact India-US relations.
  4. India and Iran signed an agreement in 2016 to develop Chabahar Port.It is considered as a gateway to golden opportunities such as (a) alternative and reliable route between India, Iran and Afghanistan (b) Provide boost to International North south transport corridor c) Direct access with central Asian countries and (d) Counter to China-Pakistan Gwadar port.