Jamia team develops ultrasensitive quantum thermometer

  1. Researchers at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi has developed an ultrasensitive quantum thermometer which can measure micro Kelvin changes in temperature and has quick response time.The results of the study were published in the journal Nanoscale Advances.
  2. This ultrasensitive quantum thermometer has been developed using graphene quantum dots (GQDs).The features of the thermometer are (a)The thermometer has high sensitivity when measuring different temperatures and can measure very minute (micro Kelvin) changes in temperature and (b)The thermometer has extreme quick response time of just about 300 milliseconds to register a change in temperature from 27 degree C to –196 degree C.
  3. The device can find widespread applications in cryogenic temperature sensing.It will also be useful in the pharmaceutical industry,healthcare to measure the incubation temperature of biological cells and molecules and also automobile industry to measure the ignition temperature within the engine.
  4. Quantum dots are semiconductor nanoparticles or nanocrystals usually in the range of 2-10 nanometers (10-50 atoms) in size.Their small size and high surface-to-volume ratio affects their optical and electronic properties and makes them different from larger particles made of the same materials.
  5. The term graphene quantum dots (GQDs) is usually used to describe miniscule fragments, limited in size, or domains, of single-layer to tens of layers of graphene.GQDs often possess properties like low toxicity, stable photoluminescence,chemical stability and pronounced quantum confinement effect, which make them attractive for biological,opto-electronics,energy and environmental applications.

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